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Department of Defense Regulations:
DFARS 239                Acquisition of Information Technology
DOD 5500.7-R            Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) Standards of Conduct
Department of the Army Regulations:
AR 25-1                     Army Information Management
AR 25-400-2               The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
AR 40-8                      Temporary Flying Restrictions Due to Exogenous Factor
AR 40-21                    Medical Aspects of Army Aircraft Accident Investigation
AR 40-501                  Standards of Medical Fitness
AR 95-1                      Aviation Flight Regulations
AR 95-2                      Air Traffic Control Airspace, Airfield, Flight Activities, and Navigational Aids
AR 95-20                    Contractor’s Flight and Ground Operations (Note this is also AFI 10-220)
AR 380-19                  Information Systems Security
AR 385-10                  Army Safety Program
AR 385-40                  Accident Reporting and Records
AR 385-95                  Army Aviation Accident Prevention
AR 420-90                  Fire Prevention and Protection
Department of the Army Pamphlets:
DA Pam 25-1-1          Installation Information Systems
DA Pam 25-33           User’s Guide for Army Publications and Forms
DA Pam 385-40         Army Accident Investigation and Reporting
DA Pam 738-751       Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS-A)
Student Supplement:
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